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Do you have interest in expanding your business, but are unsure where to start? Let my years of experience assist you in growing and organizing your business. By guiding you through the subcontracting process, I’ll make your everyday work more effective. You’ll also experience less stress knowing you’ve got some help!

You can rest at ease knowing you’re in the hands of a professional who’s been doing these tasks for over twenty years.   These are things I know how to do blindfolded. Though I haven’t always been a subcontracting expert, my years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and the like, play right into it. This is my niche, something I love to do, and that’s what you need! My passion can ignite your passion as well.

I also provide education, resources, inspiration, and project opportunities for service providers looking to subcontract. In addition to helping others with the concept, I’m a subcontractor myself. The best part of working with me is that you’re not tied down to a contract. We can work together project-by-project. Here’s what I can help with — though if you need something not listed, go ahead and ask! Click on each service to find more details.

Remote Office Support: Convenient service with a wide variety of options, including, but not limited to, customer service, affiliate marketing maintenance, Power Point presentations, social media post scheduling, assisting with client engagement tasks, software beta testing and more! I’m meticulous when it comes to these tasks and never settle for less than exactly what you need.

Bookkeeping: A necessary task that can be dull for many business owners. My years of experience will help you as I manage expense reports, payroll, invoicing, and much more. I can manage this with ease, and I enjoy it as well.

Web Research: This can be time-consuming, and by subcontracting out to me, you free up this time for the big picture things. This can include researching your competitors, finding contact information for marketing purposes, market research, and finding speaking engagement and media opportunities.

Help With Subcontracting: You can turn to me for support and advice either as a business owner who needs to subcontract work, or a subcontractor looking for the work. As I said, this is my niche and I’m passionate about its value. My newsletter provides useful tips, and I’ve created a free cheat sheet to help you get started within 30 days! I’m here to guide you and make the whole process much easier.

Whatever area you need help with, I’m ready to work with you to create even greater business success. Let’s get started today!

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