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Learn the basics about becoming a subcontractor

Subcontracting is at a turning point – Be a part of it

In the past decade, small and bigger businesses have turned to subcontracting for a series of benefits. When deciding to subcontract, businesses save money. A subcontractor may seem more expensive than a regular employee, but in the long run it saves businesses money. Continue reading

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A Proven Side Hustle

When it comes to side hustles, we all want to find something that will last. It’s absolutely possible, and it’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m reflecting on my journey as I approach my tenth year of being a part-time … Continue reading

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Virtual “Coffee Chat” – an IVAA Benefit

As an online service provider, it’s important that we all share resources, tools, and networking tips with each other. So, that’s what I’m going to do today! In the past I’ve talked about a few conferences and organizations that I’ve … Continue reading

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Virtual Vocations: a Valuable Resource for Virtual Service Providers

I’m very excited to share this post with you this month. Let me explain why. As virtual service providers, we are often starved for resources that’ll help us expand our business. We want to learn how to avoid making big … Continue reading

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Turn Time Into Profits With Subcontracting

You likely enjoy your work very much. You’ve had success in certain areas, but you want to grow more. And even though you know you’re providing for your clients, if something happened to you, they’d be hung out to dry. … Continue reading

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Subcontracting A Perfect Part Time Gig

Running A Home Business & Working Full Time Outside Your Home Very few people will claim they are bringing enough money home to meet all their needs and wants. Several will begin a home business to supplement their income while … Continue reading

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Exactly What You Need – An RFP

Send a Job (RFP) directly to our Virtual Assistant Job Board A Request for Proposal (RFP) is something you write when you are looking for a company to complete a project for you. There are many benefits to writing an … Continue reading

Request For Barter

Learn From The Experienced

Not sure about the rest of you but I learn the most from those with experience.  That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose to subcontract for virtual service providers.  There’s not necessarily any traits I look for when chosing … Continue reading

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What should subcontractor’s rates be?

Do you believe in paying subcontractors a fair wage, but  also believe, as a contractor, getting paid for securing the client and for managing the client as well as managing the subcontractor. So, that being said, most VA subcontractors may discount off … Continue reading

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Is it smart to start part-time?

If you won the lottery would you take it in one lump sum or a little at a time? For myself, I want to enjoy it and take it little by little. In my eyes the same things holds true … Continue reading

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