The Best Thing You’ve Delegated?

trainingI get the same question a lot: what is the difference between subcontracting and outsourcing? There is truly a big difference between them. When you outsource, you’re paying someone to do your own business tasks. Subcontracting, however, involves team members who work on your client’s projects and tasks. So, an outsourced employee is working for you, whereas a subcontractor is essentially working for your client. Both have their place in a business. Subcontracting offers a lot, though, in its flexibility and options.
In the last couple months, I’ve been frequenting forums centered on my niche. I’ve connected with two other members recently who decided they were ready to subcontract. While they knew they wanted the help, they weren’t quite sure which tasks they needed it for. So, we got on the phone and laid out a plan together. We used a project management tool called Asana that I like – but recently I was introduced to Trello and I’m interested in continuing to use it in the future.
We needed to literally create a map. First, I had them ask themselves, “What tasks do I need to accomplish regularly? Which of those don’t necessarily bring in income?” Then, we had to choose five tasks that either they didn’t like to do or that were too time-consuming. The point was to free up time and energy to focus on growing their business overall, and delegate the smaller tasks to a competent subcontractor. Now with a plan that covered their needs start-to-finish, I had them look at the big picture and see what they could start to subcontractor.
That’s the point: start small and slow. It’s okay for it to take time, while building experience and learning how to manage it all. And then you don’t need to be concerned with it taking all your income initially. Besides, over time you will begin to see how subcontracting increases your revenue!
One thing I’ve delegated that has been amazing for my business is writing. I use a ghostwriter, Rachelle Wells, because I found I wasn’t being consistent with my content. This was because I didn’t really care for it, and didn’t have the skills to be a good writer. It’s been a godsend. I have more time now to focus on the bigger picture. How about you? What tasks have you delegated – or what tasks would you like to delegate to a subcontractor?

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