Back to the Drawing Board – Getting Focused

Many business owners end up going back to the drawing board once they start their business.  Key is knowing when it’s time to head back.

It’s been six years since I’ve been a virtual subcontractor.  There’s no way I’m stopping.  However it’s time I go back to the drawing board.  You ask why?  It’s simple.  For the past four years a client of mine has sucked the energy from me.  Not all bad because there was a lot learned too.  Last month we decided to call it quits, at least for awhile.

What does this mean for me for the subcontracting business?  Don’t worry I’m still available to provide my usual services online bookkeeping, excel spreadsheets, web research, software beta testing and other requests.  In three months that plan is to get my subcontracting resources cleaned up and ready to help others find projects or get the assistance they need.

One of my theories is that in order to make money it’s necessary to spend money.  That’s where your help will come in handy.  If you too want to get focused on your business take a look at the tool I want to purchase.  We can go through it together.  It’s Kelly McCausey’s Power of a Focused Business.  It doesn’t have to be scarey but having a hand to hold onto doesn’t hurt either.  So lets jump in it together.  Comment if you think you’ll be trying this tool as well.


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