Connected For A Reason: Kelly McCausey

Each Wednesday I take the time to introduce to you someone I’ve connected to for a reason.

This week it’s Kelly McCausey. Since running my business for close to four years it’s common for me to be quite tight with my budget funds. Prior to purchasing any services, ebooks or other items from another online business I must do a lot of digging around. About six months ago I finally gave in and joined Mom Masterminds. So far so good. The best part of it was how much more is offered within membership. That’s when I really got to researching who Kelly McCausey was. Now I finally bit the bullet and decided to take one on one coaching with her to improve my site. As a friend of hers says, “she doesn’t blow flowers up your butt” which is so very true. However, I truly think it’s finally what I needed. She can tell me what she likes and I either run with it or just nod. However, she’s doing it constructively. This is where she’s taught me not t0 take it personally. Normally that’s what I would do. This is a business if you want to improve it don’t let good criticism hurt you.

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