Create A Team Role List

Team Roles and Responsibility List should be created and share with all team members. It should include documents items such as:

Who is on a (cross-functional) project team
What cross-functional role they are filling
What they are responsible for in that role
Specific duties they’ll perform to fulfill those responsibilities
Contact information (optional)

Help each member understand the scope of their role – what they are responsible for in terms of work and results. Being specific about responsibilities and duties can often clarify each person’s task and review responsibilities in unexpected ways.

Help ensure that all needed cross-functional team members are involved early enough in the project. Bad project results such as overall unprofitable products, un-manufacturable devices, under-performing systems, and hard-to-use user interfaces can often be traced to lack of involvement by non-development personnel early in a project – manufacturing, business users, support personnel, documentation writers, etc. The earlier such team members are included, the more influence they can have in what the project delivers, and the more problems or ‘off target’ results they can help the team avoid.

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