Hiring Subcontractors Helps You Concentrate On The Things You Do Best

Sometimes you can get so involved in a project that it’s difficult to focus your energy on the parts that you enjoy.

Maybe you love writing, but you’ve been hired to build a website and you’re so stressed out from trying to set up WordPress, editing the template, creating graphics that you feel sick. You haven’t had more than a minute to think about the great content you were so excited about when you took on the work.

Or possibly you were so excited that your ideal client hired you to design her graphics that you took on the job of designing the whole site as well. And now you’re spending hours on tasks that you don’t know how to do and regret accepting the project.

Perhaps hiring complementary subcontractors will help you.

Complementary Subcontractors

Some people hire subcontractors or someone from a multi-VA team that have the same skills as they do. This can help the service provide increase her productivity. For example, a writer might hire a team of writers so that she can take on more writing projects. Or a web designer might hire more web design subcontractors so he can churn out more sites.

While this is a common and effective way to produce more work, it’s not the only way.
You can also hire subcontractors with different skills that go along with yours.

For example, if you’re a virtual assistant who specializes in affiliate management, you might hire a graphic design subcontractor to create banner ads and a writing subcontractor who can put together email articles and blog posts for your client’s affiliates. You simply manage the project, making sure everything is up your standards and done correctly. Of course, this is only if you’re skilled with managing projects.

If writing is what you’re most talented at, you might hire a subcontractor as a project manager, along with a graphic designer and a web designer. You write all the content, the graphic designer creates all the banners and the web designer uploads everything to the client’s sites.

The project manager keeps track of the calendar and ensures that each element gets where it’s supposed to and on time. As the business owner, you need to oversee all the parts of a project and make sure everything fits together to produce the best project for the client. You also need to communicate with the client.

Overflow and Special Skills

You can also hire subcontractors to handle any overflow or excess work that you have. Perhaps you accepted too much work and it’s your busy season because it’s close to the holidays. You need to get articles, blog posts and banners created but can’t do it all alone.

Hire subcontractors who have complementary and similar skills so that you don’t get overwhelmed with all of the projects that you want to get to clients on time.

The great thing about subcontractors is they don’t have to do the same things you do. They can offer associated skills that will help you serve your client’s needs better, which will benefit the reputation of your business.

When your virtual assistant team is working together smoothly, you won’t need to worry about not getting tasks done on time and doing things that you’re not interested in. That’s one of the biggest advantages of running your own business-if you have too much work, or don’t like the work, outsource to someone!

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