Join My 2017 Audiobook Challenge!

reading challengeWhat does the New Year mean to you? For me, it’s time to look over the previous year and see what I can improve on for the future. It’s common for people to set resolutions, whether big or small, or to think of ways to challenge themselves. If you think you really did a great job, you might not have significant changes to make.

That’s not my case, however! Looking forward, I want to grow my virtual business, while also becoming healthier and enjoying my everyday life. In order to do that, I’ve set a new challenge for myself. This is something I mulled over and thought was a goal that’d be very helpful for increasing my overall productivity. And I’d like you to come along the journey with me!

I’ve decided to complete an audiobook challenge. I love to read but I don’t have much time for it. Between my duties as a mom, running my small business, and working outside the home, I find myself falling asleep whenever I sit down with a book. I miss out on things I want to learn from them, as well as the simple enjoyment of it. However, I enjoy listening to audiobooks, which is a great solution, and have wanted to listen while going for walks. This doubles my productivity! But I’m falling short with the walking aspect. So, I’ve decided I’ll only allow myself to listen if I’m walking.

I’m excited for this challenge because I have many books that are on my list to read, ranging from personal favorites to business books. There’s one that many people have talked about that I’d like to listen to, which is The Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. A business book on my list is Sexy Boss by Heather Havenwood. There are a variety of business owners who’ve shared their journeys and how they grew their virtual businesses into something bigger and better. I’m inspired by the success of others, and it motivates me to persevere even when things are tough.

I thrive on accountability, and I’m sharing this with you in the hopes that it will help me stay on track. Let’s see what I can do in 2017 in order to find more joy in life and grow my business. And how about you – do you want to do this challenge with me? Or what goals have set of your own? Please share. Together we can push forward into a positive and productive 2017!

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