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A Request for Proposal (RFP) is something you write when you are looking for a company to complete a project for you.

There are many benefits to writing an RFP you should know before you begin.  The primary purpose of an RFP is to inform subcontractors that your company is looking for business help and it encourages these companies to make their best effort in meeting your requirements.

In an RFP for business subcontracting you will be specific to the products you would like to use in your project.  For instance, if you want someone to schedule out social media and you want them to use Hootsuite then you should specify this requirement.  The more specific you are with your requirements and your budget, the better bids you will receive.

An RFP also forces suppliers to be realistic and factual identify your requirements when they come back with an offer on your RFP.  It also allows for a larger response to your request for business subcontracting.  It also gives you the opportunity to let the suppliers know that the process of selection is competitive.

A closed bid selection is the best way to go when you are looking at bids for your project. This way, it doesn’t allow a subcontractor to underbid another company for the project.  You should never tell a company what another company bid on the project and give them the opportunity. The entire selection process should be fair to all of the companies.

The best way to find a subcontractor is to write a Request for Proposal for the project and include detailed requirements for the project.

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