Savvy Subcontracting Summary “How To Assist In Convention Prep”

Sharon Williams is the owner of The 24 Hour Secretary and founder of the Alliance for Virtual Businesses and the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention. This call was full of information subcontractors can use to assist with conventions, both online and offline. A few of the questions asked were as follows:

  1. We always talk about doing what we love. Share what the OIVAC is all about and why you started it?
  2. Subcontractors may not know all tasks that are involved with a conference, please share.
  3. As the advisor what do you think is the most time consuming with conferences.
  4. Are there specific tools subs should try to get familiar with in order to help a conference host?
  5. Is there a huge difference on helping with a virtual or regular conference?
  6. What kind of time do you think is involved with assisting an advisor with a conference?
  7. Can you share what kind of rates subcontractors may be able receiving helping with conferences.We spoke of rates but what about volunteer opportunities. Where can subs find these opportunities? How could subcontractors benefit from this conference rather than assisting with it?

The recording will soon be available for download or listening.


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