Staying Focused On Your Virtual Business

One of the biggest things I’ve learned this week is staying focus on my business.  Not only can it make a person able to accomplish more in a week’s time but it gives me a sense of relief.  Prior to this week I wasn’t sure which direction to go each and every day.  With a little help from my blog internship program things have turned around.

As you watch my blog you’ll see it’s focused on main idea “Subcontracting.”  In my mind subcontracting can’t happen unless you have a virtual team.  Each week we’ll take and look at each aspect that makes a team of virtual subcontractors work.  The first week of each month we’ll focus on those that want to join at team (subcontractors).

Being a subcontractor for three and a half years I’ve been through some trials and errors.  With that said, I hope to share with those getting started a few ideas.  Join the conversation on twitter as well:

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