Subcontract Q&A Audio – CA Virtual Assistants

Listen to the Subcontractor Q&A Call. The advisor, Amanda Lawson, discusses her CA based company that has a team of subcontractors. Some of the questions discussed were:

1. Are there a specific number of subcontractors you’re trying to get onto your team?
2. Why would someone be interested in joining your team? Share some of the benefits members receive.
3. Your company treats subcontractors as an independent contractor is there a fee necessary to join?
4. Can you go through the process of receiving a project after being accepted through the application process?
5. It sounds like after being accepted you create a profile page. Is this searchable by clients?
6. Can subcontractors earn a commission by referring new clients?
7. Do subcontractors create their own processes for a particular service or is it all driven by CVA?
8. Is there a reason for requiring subcontractors to be from CA?
9. How long can a subcontractor expect to receive projects from your company?


Amanda Lawson

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