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Listen to Subcontractor Q&A now with Diana Ennen, Virtual World Publishing. Some of the topics discuessed were:

1. Sometimes when we think of value we think money. What definition of value are you talking about today?
2. How can you measure one’s value as a sub? Do you give them a trial period or project to get them started?
3. Sometimes we get nervous knowing this is a test of our ability. Do you have any suggestions on how to get past the fear a trial run? Do you give second chances?
4. Would you put more value on a sub you ask for references on or do you look at what groups they belong to and what contributions that they may make?
5. Do you ask for copies of their work to help build on what a sub says they can do?
6. Let’s get a little into outsourcing vs. subcontracting. Can you help define this for us?
7. Since your subcontractors are probably virtual as well, does it matter what territory or region that they reside in? Do you consider oversees contractors (say India) for the lower rates that they offer?
8. How can one add more value as a subcontractor? Offer different services, promote ourselves etc?
9. Once a VA finds a sub adding value to their business what are the possibilities of being a subcontractor?
10. What services do you think are the most difficult to find a subcontractor for?


Virtual Word Publishing
Diana Ennen
Twitter -@dianaennen

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