Subcontractors Can Benefit Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants offer many services to clients, which may result in a heavy workload. You also may have realized that you don’t have the required skills to complete every task your clients – or potential clients – need. One solution is to outsource some work to a subcontractor.

You may have already turned down clients when your project calendar filled up, sent clients to a colleague or tried to meet their needs and couldn’t fulfill their expectations. A professional subcontractor that complements your skills can ease the stress from these problems and help you stay on track.

Why You Need a Subcontractor Today

1. Subcontractors Can Take the Extra Work

A subcontractor can allow you more free time for other projects, which will increase your income. For example, let’s say you schedule twenty hours of work in one week for two clients. By hiring a subcontractor, you can schedule in two more clients or another twenty hours of work that week.

Even though it costs money to hire a contractor, you still make a profit on those extra hours you were able to schedule. Also, you’re not paying hourly or weekly wages but only for completed projects. You’re the project manager, quality control officer and client liaison. You assign projects, make sure they’re done correctly and communicate with both the client and subcontractor.

2. Subcontractors Can Add New Skills

Subcontractors or a virtual assistant team can help you expand your services because they may have specified skills. For example, if your virtual team specializes in writing blog posts for your clients, you could hire a web design contractor to set up new sites or change the design of existing ones. This gives you a broader range of services you can offer and a better opportunity to meet clients needs.

3. Subcontractors Mean Less Paperwork

There are several advantages of hiring subcontractors instead of employees. A subcontractor comes with her own office, her own equipment and usually previous training in different types of services. She often has her own service business and will ensure she keeps a good reputation by doing the best job she can do for you. A subcontractor is responsible for her own taxes, sets her own hours and is self-motivated. You only pay her for the work she completes.

The downside of hiring employees is they need to work from your office and you need to provide equipment and essential materials. While there are many excellent employees, you may also need to provide training because they’re not in business for themselves. You would have to set her hours and pay for the hours she’s on the clock even if she doesn’t do a good job. You’re responsible for withholding taxes, Social Security and taking care of all the paperwork.

Growing Your Business with Subcontractors

Hiring a subcontractor or a mentor with expertise can be a moderately low cost way to grow your business to grow your business. It benefits you, the service provider who gets the help she needs, and the subcontractor, and gets to work she and she needs.

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