3 Pillars of a Successful Business – Start on the Right Foot!

For most people a New Year and new beginnings means setting goals, resolutions, making lists with checkmarks that most times remain unchecked. So, instead of putting the pressure of achieving goals, I invite you to look at three aspects of your business, which tackled properly, will guide you toward making those goals a reality. 

There are three main aspects that I look at, or, as I like to call them, the three pillars to set the foundation of my business. Especially now, when the subcontracting business is at a turning point (and you can read more about this in my previous blog), I believe these strategies will give you the head start needed to make your business a success. 

The three pillars that we will look at are: creating your work space, setting the layout and vision for your business, and budgeting

Let’s start with the work space. Why is it so important? You may have heard the expression that context creates content. Imagine the context of your productivity being the work space. You are technically working from home 24/7 – hopefully not very long hours, but you are ‘on call’ in this business, aren’t you? Creating the space to fit your needs, from an organizational and emotional point of view, is key to productivity. Everything that surrounds you needs to support you in getting the creative juices flowing, staying focused and energized. So how can you accomplish this? First, note what sort of space appeals to you and helps you accomplish tasks quickly. Do you prefer a minimalistic decor, focused only on efficiency? Or, do you like being organized and having a warm, welcoming environment to maintain positive vibes at all times? Once you have found the answers, find an area in your house where to set up your work space. Look for ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, and remember that your work space is where your mindset changes. The moment you cross “the border” you must be in work mode, fully charged and committed to your business. 

The second pillar refers to envisioning and creating the layout of your business. You are, so to speak, in luck! Because this is what I have been doing lately for my own business and I have the knowledge to answer any questions, provide any tips to help you create your own layout. I started with a workflow of my vision for my business, which has helped me in putting together the plan. I recommend you follow the same steps. So far it has been working perfectly. To further help you, I have created a video with tips to setting up your work space and the project management layout in Asana, a project management tool that will become your best little helper, if it hasn’t happened yet. Click here to access the video and get ready to start your project, add team members, assign tasks, keep track of workflow and manage at ease.  

Last, but definitely not least, create a budget. From all aspects of your subcontracting business, budgeting may not be the most glamorous one, but for sure is necessary. Whether you set a budget at the beginning of the year, or per each project, knowing how to allocate your money, where to invest, where not to is crucial to generating profit each month. You will always have things to account for, either purchases or planning events, having to pay for certain products or services. A budget will help you stay on track and control your expenses, so you don’t finish the month with a negative balance! 

Now you have the tools to get started on your subcontracting business, and remember that I am your resource for questions if you get stuck. Furthermore, feel free to research and learn from other virtual entrepreneurs, like the amazing Laura Spawn, owner of Virtual Vocations – a tool for matching employers and job seekers with the best virtual job. Check out her website, her story, and don’t be afraid to learn from like-minded business people. 

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