Brandon Turner – Procedure Sheets Uses Subcontracting

If there’s one thing that I have learned from my many years as a virtual professional is that efficiency is key in remote operations. Founder of Procedure Sheets, Brandon Turner is a model of efficiency. His business concept is centered around productivity, making use of smart tools, and staying highly organized. Brandon helps people build businesses that can run without them – and what business owner wouldn’t want that? A machine that can run smoothly without the constant involvement of the owner.

Procedure Sheets creates flowcharts and writes operating procedures that owners duplicate themselves and use to further delegate tasks. Brandon’s team takes video and audio recordings of a business’ process and then transcribes these into procedures. The video allows them to insert the screenshots into the procedures, while the audio allows for messaging directly from the owner or the manager, thus a higher impact when enforcing the procedures.

Learn more about Brandon’s business by visiting his website, For online consulting services, also offered by his team, visit

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