Meet Subcontractor, Catherine Reay

Name Catherine Reay
Business Name Reay Solutions
1. Have you started subcontracting? I am currently subcontracting for a fellow Virtual Assistant
2. What are your expertise and favorite services you will be offering? My niche market is Human Resources, Project Management, Social Media and Administrative. I enjoy both Social Media and Human Resources
3. Why have you chosen to subcontract vs contracting your own clients? I offer both but I enjoy subcontracting and working with other Virtual Assistants.
4. What resources have helped you in getting started as a sub? I have found the best resource is networking.

5. Share a success story or something about yourself and how this could benefit someone to take you on as a subcontractor. My background is Human Resources and was speaking with a fellow VA about the ins and outs of recruiting and today’s economy. Recruiting has changed due to the use of all the social media tools available. I think that is why my two favorite services are HR and Social Media. We spent about an hour chatting and sharing ideas. A few weeks later the same VA called and asked me to assist her on a recruiting project. Since then we have been able recruit qualified candidates to present to her client and move forward with the interview process. On a side note during this conversation, I learned of a company hiring directly and was able to pass on the information to another VA who was looking for a full time position. I am always willing to share ideas, thoughts, and just chat with fellow Va’s you never know what might come of it down the road.

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SubContractor Interviews

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