Meet Subcontractor, Katherine Ortiz

Subcontractor: Katherine Ortiz

Business Name: Katzz The VA

Twitter: katzz75

Each subcontractor has taken the time to answer the following questions.

1. Have you started subcontracting?
a. No not yet, I have had a few friends give me some stuff to do to gain experience but they were not paid. One was editing a book, and the other was a few word document creations.

2. What are your expertise and favorite services you will be offering?
a. I have a lot of experience in Powerpoint, Word, and Publisher. I also have some experience in creating social networking sites for people. I also have some experience in screen captures and video captures with screen capture programs; like Jing.

3. Why have you chosen to subcontract vs contracting your own clients?
a. I was told it was the best way to build up a client base while I get my business going. I don’t plan on doing it forever and I am hoping it will turn into getting my own clients through recommendations.

4. What resources have helped you in getting started as a sub? Forums, blogs, coaching or books?
a. All of my college degree training has been through online schools, so all of my experience has been gained through the schooling. I would have to say that contributed to 90% of my experience.

5. Share a success story or something about yourself and how this could benefit someone to take you on as a subcontractor.

a. I am easy to work with and I have a great listening ear. I am willing to follow directions to a T. I will always give my best; and I have high morals of making sure everyone and everything is treated fairly. I also never turn in something that is not my best work.

6. Additional comments you’d like to share.
a. I find working as a Virtual Assistant fun and enjoying work. I love working on computers and being able to connect with people around the globe. I also find technology very interesting and fun.

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SubContractor Interviews

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