Meet Subcontractor, Julie Fuqua

Name: Julie Fuqua
Business Name: Lioness Virtual Assistance
Twitter @valioness

1. Have you started subcontracting? Yes, I currently work on three teams of varying sizes.

2. What are your expertise and favorite services you will be offering? Web site maintenance, 1SC set up and maintenance, custom graphics, internet research and e-zines.

3. Why have you chosen to subcontract vs. contracting your own clients?
When starting out the most difficult task is finding clients. It takes awhile to build trusting relationships with people who never see or meet you in person. Other VAs understand this so I targeted busy seasoned VAs as my initial clients. I market my efficiency, accuracy and reliability and have not had any problems finding enough work. I may eventually extend my marketing to find my own clients one day.

4. What resources have helped you in getting started as a sub? Forums, blogs, coaching, books? I took some virtual business classes at a local college and did an internship with a seasoned VA. I joined IVAA and also attended the live IVAA Summit and networked with other VAs looking for reliable subcontractors.

5. Share a success story or something about yourself and how this could benefit someone to take you on as a subcontractor.
I am a perennial student and love learning new things. My favorite aspect of working on the internet is that it is continually evolving which means you need to be able to assimilate knowledge quickly and put it to work. I love that there is always something new to learn. I truly enjoy helping other VAs and their clients grow their businesses. I also like being challenged and am not afraid to take on a task or project which may not be in my particular expertise. Of course, I do not consider myself an expert in anything except learning, completing a VA’s task list, and putting out a superior product. As soon as I feel like an expert in a software program, an update rolls out and I know it is time to refresh my skills.

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