Meet Subcontractor, Sandra Sims

Name Sandra Sims
Business Name Lighthouse Virtual Solutions
Twitter lvsolutions
Facebook sandra.sims2
1. Have you started subcontracting? Yes have been 2006 when I started my business.

2. What are your expertise and favorite services you will be offering? My expertise is Real Estate have been in that field for over 20 years now. Services I offer quite a few because of my Administrative assisting background I am well versed. I do have certifications I have the Real Estate Professional Assistants, REW Webographers, VAclassroom’s Social Media Marketing, and am trying to finish up VAclassroom’s Internet Marketing course.

3. Why have you chosen to subcontract vs contracting your own clients? I have both I subcontract and have a few of my own clients. But I love to subcontract with other VA’s because of the teachings that I receive from some of the best! I am currently on two teams of VA’s.

4. What resources have helped you in getting started as a sub? Forums, blogs, coaching, books? Having the VBSS system by and the Microsoft Office Suite, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA by Dianna Ennen and Kelly Poelker& The Virtual Assistant’s Guide to Marketing by Michelle Jamison, VAclassroom courses.

5. Share a success story or something about yourself and how this could benefit someone to take you on as a subcontractor. That I started my own VA business in 2006 due to wanting to work from home and be available for my son and family. I knew that I had several years of Administrative Assistance due to all previously held positions in the commuting workforce and just didn’t want to do that anymore. I feel that with my Real Estate back ground in Property Management this especially has helped me to be able to take on lots of tasks that my VA teams that I currently work with need for their clients and I just love being able to assist with those tasks and learn more all the time! This is why I know that I can benefit another subcontractor.

6. Additional comments you’d like to share. I am constantly trying to learn and keep up with new technology as mentioned above with my certifications and that I am in the process of taking VAclassrooms Internet Marketing 2010 course. I love to help other VA’s and helping them increase their clients businesses!

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