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Share Your StoryWhen you think of putting your children to bed, what comes to mind? Or perhaps, what’s a favorite pastime when sitting around a campfire? Telling stories! Every parent knows how it engages them, excites them, and makes their eyes light up. Long ago, many cultures passed their stories down orally, from one generation to the next. They shared their accumulated knowledge and experience. Clearly, humans are natural storytellers!

Lately I’ve been reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Surprisingly, it’s taught me a lot about my business. It got me thinking about the basic appeal and benefit of storytelling. These accounts delved into the deepest and most basic human emotions: loss, joy, humor. They inspire others, arouse a passion in them, give comfort, and often make them laugh. They truly connect us.

I realized that I needed to think about my blog and website content as a unique sort of storytelling. I’m trying to accomplish the same thing those childhood bedtime stories did: teach, touch someone’s life, and inspire something in them. It doesn’t matter what the format or length is. The principle applies across the board, whether the subject is business or fables. This is how you reach people.

I’ve been enjoying three podcasts lately, which are The Eventual Millionaire, Brilliant Business Moms, and Your Partner in Success. I noticed a pattern amongst all the guests of these shows: they said they could never have become successful by themselves. The support and talent of others helped them reach their goals. I realized that my chosen niche, subcontracting, was a great idea. I’m providing a service that is needed and helpful.

It was encouraging to realize that, and I never would have known if those people hadn’t shared. It illustrates the point once again. What about you? What stories do you have inside you? Your knowledge could help someone’s business grow. Sharing your past experiences might change the course of someone’s career path. You never know.

So, please, share your story, so that we can all learn from each other!

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