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Sought After Virtual AssistantIn the spring it will be the nine-year anniversary of starting my business, and it
has me thinking about how far I’ve come. Like any other business, it’s taken
time to get out of the red and into the black. Most businesses stay in the red for
three years at least. The same can be said for networking and becoming known
as a valuable service provider.

Many years ago, I decided to be as involved with networking as possible. At the
same time, I kept my attention on a few main networks. In this way, I zoned in
on the people I was building relationships with. Networking takes time and
effort, and sticking to a few of them keeps that process simple and more
effective in the long run.

The three primary platforms I benefit from are VA Networking, LinkedIn, and
Twitter. Recently, a lot of people have been viewing my LinkedIn profile,
recognizing me as a sought-after provider, and asking me more questions. The
experience has been amazing!

Now that I can reflect on what’s brought me to this point, I can share my
advice with you. Focus on your networking but keep it minimal at the same
time. Don’t join so many that you spread yourself too thin and can’t truly
concentrate on the individual people. You’re building connections, using
personal attention. It’s better to be a great asset in a couple networks than be
barely heard or known in many of them.

I’ve discussed in previous articles how vital it is to have an accountability
partner. I connected with mine through VA Networking, and it’s a big reason I
enjoy interacting there. That’s where my audience is. You need to be where
your audience is. A web designer, or a manufacturer, wouldn’t benefit from VA
Networking. They would need to find their own appropriate network. Don’t
just go where everyone else goes. Facebook works well for many people, but
I’ve never had much luck there. With Twitter, however, I’m starting to make
more connections. Again, be sure the ones you choose relate to the purpose of
your business.

It’s pretty cool when you realize you’re becoming known in your industry! Are
you becoming known? What are you sought after for? Feel free to share your

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