Subcontractor Q&A Audio-Virtual Assist USA

Listen to the Subcontractor Q&A Call  The advisor, Danielle Cuomo, spoke on subcontracting in general.  A few of the questions discussed were:

  1.  Would you say expertise and niche have the same definition for a subcontractor?  Can you explain?
  2. While working on a project is it necessary to stay consistent with communication tools like email, phone, IM , project mgt software or documents?
  3. If you get stuck while working on a sub project how do you suggest letting the contractor know, without them losing faith in your expertise?
  4. Is it proper to ask the budget or time frame the contractor expects a project will take to complete?
  5. How often should you communicate with a project manager or contractor?  Weekly, daily or monthly?
  6. Are there skill sets that are really difficult to find subcontractors with the knowledge of?   (Ex., web design, writing etc) How can they show they have this valuable expertise? 
  7.  How does a sub contractor market himself/herself, if he/she has a specialized niche like real estate/web designing, etc?
  8. Any do’s/don’ts for subcontractor’s while marketing their skills/expertise?
  9. Should subcontractors use social networks to promote themselves and what groups should they join?


Danielle Julia Cuomo, M.B.A.
Virtual Assist USA | Owner
Twitter | @virtualasstusa
Skype | danielle.julia.cuomo

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