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Listen now to the Subcontractor Q&A Call. The advisor, Dawn Martinello, spoke on best practices of a subcontractor. A few of the questions discussed were:

Would you suggest a sub volunteer for a project so a contractor gets to know them?
What is the worst approach a sub can do when looking for work? (What would turn you off?)
Do you mind if a sub works with other VA’s as long as she tells you this?
What type of dedication are you looking for in a sub?
What do you look for in general when you hire a sub?
Many firms have teams; do you suggest getting to know other team members?
Are team members introduced so they can network?
Do you recommend a sub know the rate they want to charge or do you set this?
What can someone expect when they start working with a VA such as you?


Dawn Martinello
SKYPE: MondayMorningVA
TWITTER: @mondaymorningva

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